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Ruin-pubs of Budapest. Must attend!


Unique pub culture in Budapest.

 Ruin-pubs are one of the main magnets of Budapest and its atmosphere. They have long been included in guidebooks and in the most popular begin to drive packaged tourists.

Here come to parties from all over Europe, and not because it is cheaper here than in London or Brussels, but because there is no such thing anywhere else. Ruin-pubs are one of the main magnets of Budapest and its know-how. They have long been included in guidebooks and in the most popular begin to drive packaged tourists.

Information post about what the ruins of Budapest's ruins are, the best and most popular ruins of the capital of Hungary, addresses, mode of operation and a brief description of the steepest in our opinion the ruins of Budapest, the tips and photo.


Ruins pub in Budapest

Ruin pubs are the "new format" of bars in Budapest, they opened in the dilapidated abandoned houses of the Jewish quarter of Budapest. Instead of furniture from Ikea, visitors are sitting on atmospheric items, from an old bath without a wall to half-rotten trabant, here they do not come to dinner, rather drink and then for a little while. In Budapest bar-surfing is popular - a visit to several bars in one evening.



The beginning of the ruin pubs has become the legendary Szimpla kert. They say he even got in the Top 10 of the best bars of the planet according to the authoritative Lonely Planet.


ruin-pub in Budapest




The ruins of the Budapest pubs do not stand still, the concept of many - several years in one place, then the change of address, "design" and conceptual component. Many cooperate with cinemas, exhibitions or creative workshops. Some are located on the roof, for example, Corvintető (Corvin Roofgarden), which occupies the roof of a former department store in the times of Soviet Hungary. The view from above is no worse than the classical viewing platforms of the city, such as the Fisherman's Bastion or the Cathedral of St. Istvan.


You can have a snack and go here to drink, drink again, admire the design or see an underground show. Those who come here for the first time, surprise is guaranteed. The main rule of the ruin pubs is the absence of any rules, naturally there is almost no signage. In Szimpla you just notice a crowd of people at the entrance, literally. Friday it is in all countries Friday and it is better to postpone the visit on Thursday or Saturday.

Ruin-pub in Budapest





Nostalgia for socialism - welcome to Kertem (My Garden), here is the real atmosphere of the socialist beer pub of the mid-80s, only the milieu is a bit different.


Most of the ruin pubs are in the old Jewish quarter of Budapest - Erzsebetváros, you can take a map of the location of the bars in the hotel or find them on pre-written addresses - we did just that. During the evening, it is optimal to visit 2-3 ruin pubs.


The most popular ruin pubs of Budapest, addresses, sites, photos, brief description.

 Ruin pub Szimpla Kert

Open from 12.00 to 3.00 in the morning.

Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca, 14



Ruin-pub №1 in Budapest. And both in terms of opening time and inimportance for local and tourists. It is worth one time to see. I recommend it. Try to forget the most daring installations that you have ever seen. Although in my opinion the authors of the design simply beautifully and artistically ordered the trash found in this same abandoned house. As a business idea - just a very cool thing. 



Cast-iron bathroom without a front wall instead of chairs - convenient,but low for me.

Ruins Corvinteto Pub

Address: 1085 Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér, 1-2

Website -


It is located near Szimpla. "Corvinteto" in the people simply "The Roof" is on the roof of the former Soviet department store. The design in the style of socialist realism and the view of Budapest are its main features. You can drink already in a special elevator, climbing the roof.


Ruin-pub Meter

Address: 1072 Budapest, Dob utca 31


The main difference - in this pub alcohol is sold by meters, it turns out cheaper.


Ruin Pub Instant

Address: 1065. Budapest 6. ker., Nagymező utca 38.



Another famous ruin pub. Instant even surprises those who think that it's hard to surprise them. At its core - a nightclub, which consists of many rooms, more than two dozen, there are six bars, two patios. The most important thing here is the design, the embodiment of the erotic fantasies of the club owners.



Ruin-pub Fogashaz


Address: 1073 Budapest, Akácfa utca 51


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