Rent apartments in Budapest center, 4 star guest accommodation in Budapest
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rent apartments in Budapest center

Would you like to rent apartment in Budapest center? Rent a cheap apartment ? Rent housing cheaper than the cheapest suit in the hotel?


Mismall About us: We are small local, independent family run business that offers four star guest accommodations in the central district of Budapest. We specialize in providing high quality apartments and flats ready for living for tourists and business travelers coming to Budapest. We provide booking service apartments, transfers, excursions in Budapest. If you want to rent an apartment, apartments in the center of capital of Hungary, on the Danube, in the pedestrian zone, on Vaci Street (Váci utca) near the historic monuments of old town, we invite you to discover our beautiful and inexpensive apartments to satisfy any exquisite taste at a very inexpensive price. Renting an apartment in Budapest center is a wonderful alternative to a hotel room, both in quality and price. We will do everything to make your stay in our apartments did not cause you any inconvenience, and will be comparable to living in the sweet home.

If you like one of our apartments for rent, contact us please for pricing, or booking, we shall offer a wonderful price, that you cannot resist. Our goal is not only to pass our apartments, but also to provide the conditions for you to explore the Budapest city, visit the really good restaurants, shops and attractions, see our historical monuments, and feel the soul of our unique city, Budapest. We can help you with quality tours, and try to make your staying in Budapest unforgettable. We hope, that our comprehensive proposal , that includes an optimal location for placement in Budapest center at an affordable price, a detailed description and analysis of the area around the apartment, transfers and excursions if needed, the round-the-clock availability of our personnel, will attract you as a potential customers to use our services. Our suggestion does include very wide variety of apartments, we can offer accommodation from cheap to luxurious for a very reasonable price. We have both studios and bedroom apartments with balcony and without, but all our flats are in center of town, becouse we consider it is the best and inexpensive location for Budapest exploring, due to minimal transportation costs.


In case you want to rent  apartment in center of our town without any agents, please choose one from our more than 55 beautiful and spacious apartments at the central, 5-th district of town and contact us! We will do our best, to make your staying as comfortable as in sweet home!


All our flats are located in center, 5,  6, 7, 8 districts of Budapest, in close proximity to cultural monuments and attractions. 95% apartments equiped with modern appliances, if some apartments have flaws, we compensate this with low rental price. We don't insist on upfront payment, You can book the apartment that you choose,select and book, and if occasionally you will change plans, simply notify us , we will be very grateful for this.


Why you should go to Budapest?


Puting aside all sights and attractions of Budapest, it is one of Europe's most beautiful capitals. put Budapest on 9-th place in the list of ten of the most lovely town of the world.  According to Readers' Choice Awards 2014 , Budapest was on the third place among cities of the world, according to readers choices We do not know how much hungarians are among the readers of this magazine, but the second place of CNN top "Best Cities in the world ...." Also belongs to Budapest.

In the Hungarian capital at every step there is a feeling of the center of Europe ,and it is the heart of Europe indeed.You can feel an interesting blend of imperial spirit, echo of the fresh memories about socialism and new hopes for the revival of the market economy.

Moreover, Budapest received a special mention for its work in the field of transportation of the Access City Award 2015: 'The city's two busiest tram lines are 100% accessible with 47 new low-floor trams set to operate on other lines from 2015. And of course, in the city that boats the Blue Danube, accessible ferry and boat services are available on the river'. So, Budapest, especialy center of the city has the excellent transportation services for people of any age and conditions.


Like Rue Montorgueil in Paris, Schildergasse in Berlin ,San Marco in Venice, Arbat in Moscow, Budapest has several auto free zones. One of them - Vaci utca (Vaci street) , which passes right through the heart of Budapest center. All our 12 apartments for rent are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vaci street, the distance from the most farest rent apartment to Vaci street - is not more that 600 meters. Hungarians like to talk about that in a certain year Vaci utca reached the 7th spot among 16 pedestrian streets of famous cities of the world, that participated in a contest. Cleanliness, atmosphere, attractiveness, customer service were taken into account at this contest. Nobody knows who held a competition, but.. the Vaci street belongs to the category - must see, it's a heart of Budapest center .

In recent years, the emphasis has shifted - the first place that you should definitely check out in the center of Budapest is the Jewish quarter of Erzhebetvaros. Any local or respectable printed guide will tell you this. On several streets in the very center you will find three dozen ruin bars and gardens - fashionable establishments with cool eclectic interiors that hide behind the facades of emergency buildings - “bombers”.



If you are going to rent apatments in Budapest center not far from Vaci , please select studios or apartments with bedrooms from menu or from the top of the page by apartment name, on the right part there are some of our flats.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! Our mail is  on our Ask&Book page.

You can find our central Budapest apartments in several travel/booking sites, but we promise the price for them would be nicest specifically on our site, cuz we are owners

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 Welcome to our apartments in Budapest center near Vaci street!


In description pages of the flats there are a links to sites where we sell them.We invite you to visit competitors website.. we know, it will be for the last time. We want you to be confident, with us you got the sweetest deal there is.

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