Accommodation in center of Budapest, Danube and Gellert view,Inexpensive
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Accommodation in Budapest center with Gellert and Danube view near the Vaci street


If you would like to enjoy the beauty of Budapest from your apartment, this  is the perfect choice! Make your stay inexpensive in the center of Budapest, very close to all attractions, sites and monuments.... Accommodation in this appartment differs with very inexpensive staing in the center of Budapest , very close to most interesting places. It would be very  clever decision, if you will choose our appartments.



Cold frost and sunshine: day of wonder!
But you, my friend, are still in slumber -
Wake up, my beauty, time belies:
You dormant eyes, I beg you, broaden
Toward the northerly Aurora,
As though a northern star arise!

Good apartments rent close to the Danube river. This excellent and cool Budapest apartment has distinct advantages over other apartments for rent, we offer. We were a bit cunning saying that this apartment has a view on Danube river. It has not this view , its just in fiew steps from Danube, but now we have the apartment with the view on Danube, if you realy need this view)). Sorry for this cunning, but we are on top searches on "flat with danube view". Any case - You will have a wonderfull view to city buildings and Gellért hill, towering above them.  First of all, inexpensive apartment is still in center of Budapest, secondly it is not far from Fisherman's Bastion on  the top of the Gellert hill. It is not a stone's throw of course, but for more or less healthy person it's not a gest to cross Elisabeth Bridge, walk down the Hegyalja street, turn to the left to footpath, and after 20 minits of unharried climbing using "pedestrian serpentine" - you reach Citadellia on the Gellert Hill. This trip could be done by public transport, but it takes a bit more time. Danube Promenade is one more thing you can easy do, simply coming out from apartment, a lot of sight to see, many places for exploring the attractions or simly relaxing in beachside cafe.

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The "Aurora" apartment is waiting for you near to Váci Street – main pedestrian street of Budapest,  not far from Erzsébet Bridge on Aranykéz street, on the ninth floor of a tarnished street house with the elevator. 


Address: Budapest, Aranykéz u. 4-6, Budapest, 1052



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Street View
Accommodation in Budapest center Gellert hill and Danube view


It is a one and a half room apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower  on the ninth floor (43 m2). The living room with one double bed and one double sofa, the kitchen, the bathroom , toilet, small bedroom. The sleeping area is separated by a small wall in the livingroom, also there is a small bedroom suitable for one person. TV, free cable, WIFI, a washingmachine, a dishwasher and air conditioning included. All of this ensures that up to 5 persons can use this accommodation.

 Minimum two nights can be booked. Towels and linen are included. We can arrange the transfer from the airport.

We will do everything to make your stay you accommodation in Budapest in this appartments  comparable to living in your sweet home. Please see the reviews and rank of the flat!



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