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What happens in Budapest in 2018? Yes, actually all the same as in 2017, 2016 . Some of the events, because they linked with the history of the people of the city of Budapest and the European and Catholic holidays, celebrated strictly with the inevitability of a sunrise , another subordinate trends and fashion in favor of the interest of tourists, selebrated according the programs fostered by there organizers. However, because of such events happens, and if they does not concerning the World Congress of Endocrinology, we want to mention about them.So,

Here we would like to publish main, interesting and funny


Budapest events in 2018 year.

January -Happy New Year
Or Szilveszter

Happy New Year or  Szilveszter.

Date: December 30, 2018 - January 1, 2018

Or Szilveszter,

Actually start celebrating the end of December, the so-called Szilveszter, enlivened all barkers, including Interactive, and offer a programs for the New Year just at there place. There are a lot of proposals from chamber concerts of Danube Symphony Orchestra in the Danube Palace, to celebration of Szilveszter of at the thermal baths. Lot of proposals to meet Szilveszter in a castle, under live gypsy music , in disco bars & so on.

As for not very overorganized options for tourists is classic Liszt Ferenc Square on Andrassy Avenue, It will provide you with dozens of cafes with improvised stage, a wide selection of restaurants and bars, nightclubs and discos, just small stalls with food and drink. Firework shootings, musics.

Terminates unexpectedly. January 2 is working day for the Hungarians. Do not let this scare you, you can continue celebrate, Budapest is city of tourists, It works while tourists vacationing. All the action takes place in the immediate vicinity of our apartment. For those who want to revive a bit of the past, There is a decent rink on city pond in the park Varoshliget, there can also join the cultural values like Vajdahunjad castle where Agricultural Museum is disposed.



Febrary- Mangalica, Fish festival

Mangalica Festival or the day of mangal pig.

February 9, 2018 - February 11, 2018



Kind of event:Food, Drink, Festival.

Place : Szabadság tér , SUN district, Freedom square.Distance from our apartments -one and a halfkilometers away.We'll showthe way....


Mangalica holiday Hungarians began to celebrate recently, not more than 8 years ago to commemorate the restoration of populations of these hairy beasts, bred in 1833 great entertainer, Hungarian Royal Archduke Joseph, who managed to cross home pig and wild boar, thus obtaining supers teady to cold breed pig which feeds mainly on grass, and other plant foods.Meat mangalica considered more useful, even though it tastes better than ordinary pork.

Here you can enjoy the traditional Hungarian dishes, drink mulled wine, eat a piece of pork roasted on a spit,almost extinct mangalica breed,talk with the Hungarians about the difficulties of cultivation pigs of this modification, listen to horror stories about almost extinct their livestock during the last swine flu epidemic, share your experience of cultivation, sign contracts for the supply of calibrated pigs for barbecue..... yes, it all possible if you drink a certain amount of tasty mulled wine or palinka on a slight frost.


Thanks DreamFactory





Fish Festival

Budapest Fish Festival

Organizersare still asleep, but that does not prevent us to assume that it will take place in the middle of february
Additional info on facebook usualy, You can find take there discount coupon with the list of restorants involved.


Date: Feb 10, 2018 - Feb 12, 2018

Kind of event:Food, Drink, Festival.

Place: Palace quarter , National museum garden , Múzeum street , Brody Sándor and Pollák Mihály square, in few steps of our nearest aparatments

Voracious Thursday, combined with the Day of St.Valetins, with the addition of the Fish festival, the days when tens of Hungarian restaurants on thouse streets gives a 50% discount on food and beverages to its visitors

Fish Festival, has a format similar to Mangalica, meaning you come to eat in the open air, to drink, and to discuss all the problems of the Hungarian fisheries, or not discuss them at all. The composition of dishes includes not only traditional Hungarian dishes such as soup of carp"halasle", but and International cuisine from sushi to paella, a dish of salmon, caviar, dorado and more. All this can eat there, and you can buy raw for quite humane prices to cook at home.



March-Spring Fesival
Spring Festival

Budapest Spring Festival or Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál

Kind of event: Art, music, festivals.

Dates: March 30, 2018 - April 22, 2018


Place:Around Budapest,switches on the Cathedral Basilica of St and the Hungarian NationalOpera.

More than 200 different events






Budapest spring HalfMaraphon

April 14-15, 2018

couse of small country , the organizers of the races do not give the participants accselerate to much after winter hibernation,mooving the main marathon to September. And in the spring, April 19, 2017, in Budapest, in the center of the city on the banks of Danube will take place spring marathon "Vivicittá". Last year the race was attended by 15,650 athletes. Registration race link: BudapestMaraphon.

You can run 21, 10 and 7 km. Gud Luck to all participants!

Dates 14-15th April 2018






May - Bread Festival, Palinka Festival,Organ concerts
Bread Festival

 may 12 and around 2018 in the Buda Castle Festival of bread and pastry will take place.For two days the best country bakers and confectioners will offer visitors their products prepared according to traditional and secret family recipes.



Mozart - Requiem

gala concert at St. Stephen's Basilica, Dates are avaluable via link.

The organ was build together with the Basilica in 1905 by hands of a master Angster Joseph, who was a disciple of the famous Paris Masters Auguste Cavaillé-Coll, The sound color of this instrument and its dimensions correspond to the French school. Number of organ pipes:6507, the longest of them -10 meters, the shortest of 6 mm. Largest organ in the Basilica is currently the largest musical instrument in Budapest.

Actually organ concert  in the Basilica of St. Stephen occur almost every week.






June-The night of museums


June 23, 2018 - June 24, 2018 from 18:00 til 24 june 2:30 am

Night of museums

Event site

Very well organized event, with about a hundred of museums as participants , such as the Hungarian National Museum, the Museum of Arts, the Budapest History Museum, the Museumof Terror, the HungarianNational Gallery, the Museum of Applied Arts and the Hungarian Natural History Museum, with variety of programs for adults and children.Total number of programs is more than a thousand, all of them can be visited on one ticket, it is certainly not enough for one night, and even one life to visit.

1500HUF for adults and 600 forints for a child, and you can visit any of the museums, the permanent and temporary exhibitions, take part inextensive program for children, or hang on a wine tasting or hear something from the music program. During the night, public transport between all points of events runs at intervals of 5-6 minutes, included in the ticket price. Its impossible to see all for one evening , but you can choose a program you like and see what you want for little money, which is impossible in the ordinary days.


July - Formula-1

27-07 - 29.07 (July)  - Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix 2018.


Hungarian Grand Prixsite of Formula 1.

Free transport from the centerof Budapest runs to Hungaroring.





8-15 August 2018

08.08-15.08 2018 года Sziget Festival (Island)

Europe's largest music festival "Island of the Republic " (Sziget Köztársaság) - one of the most colorful festivals of the year of youth! The first music festival "The Island" was held in 1993 on the idea of Peter Mueller and Gerendai Charles.In the 93th festival attracted 43,000 visitors. In 2013, the festival gathered 400,000 visitors and has become a truly European cultural event. On an island in the period of the Festival constructed several concert venues.The list of musicians you can look at the following link: an adition to concerts during the festival on the island a large number of other entertainment programs will be held. Bars, restaurants, pubs will be opened until morning...




Festival of Folk Arts

Dates: from 18 to 21 August



Place: Buda castle


Link to site




September-Wine festival
Wine Festival

Kind Of Event: Wine , Food

Dates 6-9  september. from 14:00 till 23:00;



One of the biggest wine makers- professionals festival in Central Europe. Along with Hungarian winegrowers - foreign manufacturers also present their best wines.

The Wine Festival is held at the Royal Palace in Buda within 5 days, during which the judges have the opportunity of tasting wines trougth more than a thousand kinds of wine. Large number of recreational and cultural activities on the WineFestival are avaluable . Colorful, exciting dance musical will waiting for you at the Wine Festival from 10to 14 September. Feast of folk music and dance. Magnificent sight, festive atmosphere,which is devoted to ancient wine makers.

Wine Festival this year, is preparing to introduce a special culinary options from different regions of the country, unique to this region. Old recipes are interpreted in new ways.Traditional strudel, baked bread in real oven, classic spices, fries, mangalica pork delicacies, Hungarian, French and Spanish cheeses made from sheep, goat and cow milk, hamand homemade sausages and other delicacies will wait visitors.





The Jewish Summer Festival

From 4 september till 11 september 2018

there will be held on the Budapest Jewish Summer Festival, where visitors can learn about the centuries-old Jewish culture through exhibitions, book fairs, gastronomy, concerts, folk and contemporary Jewish music, which will be held on the stage set in the city center, theaters and the Great Synagogue. Details on the festival website.synagoguebudapest

Budapest Great Dohany Street Synagogue (Dohány utca) - the largest synagogue in the Europe is located in the Jewish quarter of Pest, where many Jews still live. Project synagogue with two onion dome in the pseudoistorical Moorish style was created by the Viennese architect Ludwig Förster. He created before synagogue in Vienna, together with Hungarian architects Jozsef Frigyes Feslya and Hilda. Construction of the synagogue took place in 1854-1859, respectively. Religious buildings consists of a two-storey building with three naves of white and red brick, decorated with colored ceramics, with filigree cornice and window-socket. The building is designed for 3,000 worshipers. The area of the interior is 1,200 square meters. m., the height of the towers is 44 meters. It adjoins the Great Synagogue of Budapest's Jewish Museum building, built in 1929-1931. The Great Synagogue is not only a place of worship but also a tourist attraction of the city and the cultural center, which hosts music concerts. Details on the website.






{October-33th Budapest Marathon | green | myclass}


Time - October 6-8, 2018

About 2,500 years ago, after the Battle of Marathon, one soldier ran to Athens to tell the good news of the Greeks: Nenikékamen: "We won."In October 6, thousands of people will be able to say those legendary words, run the race of the 33 th Budapest Marathon. This event - the biggest international sporting event in Hungary. Last year the race was attended by 27000  athletes. The race passes through the main streets of Budapest on the Danube embankment. Anyone can take part in the marathon. Be a participant of this significant national holiday of sports! marathon site

Palinka Festival
Waits visitors from Oct 2, 2018 - Oct 4, 2018 , unconfirmed, there are some info that it will be held in October
Place: V district, Erzsébet square (Erzsébet tér) - ten minits by foot from our apartments
Price :Day - 2000 HUF .
Subscription: 5500 HUF.
Price includes tasting glass.
Pálinka Festival in Budapest is a unique gastronomic event where the visitor opens the opportunity to taste more than 300 different types of Palinka.There will presented their masterpieces all major manufacturers along with family manufactures.

Pálinka not for the faint of heart, and the best use of Hungarian Palinka accompanied by delicacies: traditional Hungarian dishes, sausages, baked bread in this oven, classic spices, fries, pork delicacies mangalica, cheeses made from sheep, goat and cow milk, ham and home-smoked meats, which will be offered to visitors.

At the Festival will be presented large number of entertainment and cultural events. Not only palinkas connoisseurs.

Thursday: 14:00 to midnight
Friday: 14:00 to 2:00 am
Saturday: 12:00 to 2:00 am
Sunday: 12:00 to midnight



Noveber Christmas Fair


Time - November 27, 2018 - prior to January 2018

Christmas market in the center of Budapest, according to the ancient tradition opened four weeks before Christmas, on November 27 and will last until the beginning of January. Usualy located on Voroshmarti square (Vörösmarty tér) and pl. the Basilica (Szent István tér) and adjacent streets. Feature concerts and performances on a Christmas theme will be presented for Four weeks on several scenes. Restaurateurs will offer visitors a traditional Hungarian Christmas dishes - ranging from cabbage and whole roasted pig to spit. Frozen from the walk, guests will be able to warm themselves with hot or warm mulled wine with spices (Hungary called mulled wine so) or pleasant fruit pálinka prepared from selected fruits, quince, apricot, pear, or at the worst way from plums (terms brew and calvados also not alien to them ). In addition to culinary delights in Budapest Fair creates a fabulous Christmas holiday mood. Details on the website

December Still Crismas






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