Rent apartment in Budapest Center, 5 District, Vaci street
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Comfortable flat for rent and living in Budapest center near Vaci Street. István Ferenczy street.


Come and stay in a beautiful historic building, at the exciting centre of Budapest’s University district. Behold the view from your balcony on the sixth floor and see the buzzing Astoria square, one of the oldest Universities in Hungary and the National History Museum. 

The apartment is in a perfect location, situated between the buzzing hip district and the calm historic old town. The closest metro station Astoria is only 2 minutes away.

If you are looking for a calm, peaceful coffee or tea in the morning you need only to walk downstairs and sit in the nice little coffee house just around the corner, or you can take your breakfast to go and have it in the a beautiful park, (Karoly garden) just a few steps away.


Couple of words about the history of the building.

Slightly urban view from the balcony gives the apartment element of modernity, but the apartment is located in old house and  the building itself is a historic landmark and is built upon the medieval city wall of Budapest, that served several centuries for protection the city from enemy invasion.

The house has a bas-relief, devoted to sculptor Istvan Ferenczy, which actually gave rise to the Hungarian sculpture style  and make an impetus to the development of arts in Hungary.  In his youth,  he  went to Rome by foots,  studied there and worked for the best of the Italian masters, and he had sent home parcels with sculptures.  When come  home, he fired with several masterpieces in the style of classicism, such as the "Shepherd", that makes  Hungarian society cheered up and waked up.

You can find outmore about  the fate of the sculptor  in the nearby Arts Gallery in Budapest, including how Istvan was buried with his unfinished "Dying Eurydice". Just for knowing about the street, where apartment located.

Apartment is very  close to Váci utca ( main pedestrian street), on the sixth floor of the described above oldfassion house. The apartment is in a unique location - it is in the very heart of Budapest. 5 district has a lot of intimate cafes and restaurants. Beside that you can choose from many cultural programs like museums, galleries and sights in the centre of the city or the nearby Budai castle. All of this is within walking distance from us.



Please have a look on photos of apartments:



Book this apartment , if you want to experience both faces of Budapest, the historic peace of the Old Town and the exciting buzz of the hip districts!


Fully equipped, renovated, spacious with 35 sqm. One big room, kitchen, bathroom with tub , toilet. You can find everything in the kitchen to feel good at our place. Also included free cable TV, wireless Internet with unlimited access, washing machine, dishwasher, towels and bed linens. All of this ensures that 4 persons will have a good time in our apartment, for 2 persons its very nice and comfortable, considering price and location in 5 district near Vaci.


Near the house a lot of great cafes and bars, one of which: 

  Csendes etterem.

Can be translated as Quiet Heaven. Creative design, combined with democratic prices makes it stand out from the usual pubs and makes a popular for visit for  aborigene and forigner. There is something to gawk, drinks are cheap, the food probably better to call a snack.


Minimum booking - two nights. We can order the transfer from airport.

Please book in advance.If any questions please contact us.


Address: Budapest, Ferenczy István utca 28.


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Rent flat  for living,  apartment in Budapest center.István Ferenczy near Vaci Street (Váci utca).


Booking from this home site of appartment is the cheapest way to rent this flat, please do not overpay to agents. Book in advance pls. To be sure that you are not going to to buy a pig in a poke, pls see unbiased reviews about the flat and welcome back.

 We will do everything to make your stay in our apartments comparable to living in your sweet home.

 If you are intrested in apartments exactly on  Vaci Street (Váci utca), pls take a look Katalin , Hungarian Souvenir or Diana apartment - they are on central pedestrian street of Budapest


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