Renovated Lux apartment in Budapest center, near Vaci.Inexpensive
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Our newest Luxurious inexpensive central apartment  near  Vaci Street and Danube river




The apartment “Liana” is in the heart of Budapest’s pedestrian district and reflects the city's beauty, hospitality and feeling. The district has a lot of intimate cafes and restaurants. Beside this you can choose from many cultural programs like museums, galleries and sightseeing in the center of the city or the nearby Budai castle. All of this is within walking distance from us. Metro and bus stations are only 3 minutes away. Apartment «Liana» located on the small street  between the Elizabeth Bridge and the central market on the first floor of an old house. Fully equipped, renovated, spacious with 65 sqm. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom with bath, toilet. You can find everything in the kitchen to feel good at our place. Also included free cable TV, wireless Internet with unlimited access, washing machine, dishwasher, towels and bed linens. All of this ensures that 5 persons will have a good time in our apartment. 



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Two rooms apartment, just renovated, consists of a separate spacious bedroom, a large lounge, a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom and a toilet. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary to make you feel at home. Dishwasher, stove, coffee maker, toaster, refrigerator, washing machine. Also included free cable TV, wireless Internet access with unlimited access, DVD.

The apartment is suitable for a company from 1-5 people. For a bigger company we can offer the best prices. All attractions within walking distance. Metro station is 2 minutes walk.

We recomend this historical cafe for all who like Hungarian pastry! few minites from our rented apartments



Address :Sörház utca 4


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rent apartment Budapest:Sörház utca 4, V district



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